• “Black & White. Magic & Mystery. Mandalas. Mysticism & Occult Symbology. Skulls.”

  • “Fashion can be used as camouflage from face-detection technology.”

  • “Displaying over a decade of Bay Area event and festival flyers.”

  • “Visionary artists meet Machine Learning”

  • “Finite Shapes ⤳ Finite LEDs ⤳ Infinite Patterns”

  • “Celebrating 10 years of collaborative magic”

  • “Three wise monkeys? She's a wise monkey!”

  • “A tribute to the great illustrator of Impossible Constructions.”

  • “A tribute to the great painter of Fantastic Realism.”

  • “Escher's natural recursion and geometric patterns meet a fractal remixing.”

  • “The mosaic was generated from a selection of over 850 seed images — fragments of Andrew's digital dreams.”

  • “The mosaic was generated from a selection of over 10,000 seed images; the sheep here are from Generation 243 and the poster is approximately 1 Gigapixel in size.”

  • “This robot has self-assembled completely out of musical instruments (except for the fan mohawk and rocket parts) and she is currently dropping some serious sonic science.”

  • “A series of artistic explorations using the Processing framework.”

  • “At least this is how I see it...”


This is the creative blog of Ian Timourian, an INFORMATION VISUALIST, INTERFACE DEVELOPER/DESIGNER and DIGITAL ARTIST residing in San Francisco West Virginia.



I create and design interfaces using an ever-evolving variety of tools and languages such as: D3, CoffeeScript, JavaScript and Python.

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I seek inventiveness

emerging in and from: group collaboration, social networks, distributed systems and natural processes.

I reflect beauty

in the process of distilling and visualizing data from complex networks, information sets and disparate resources.

I craft algorithms

that codify art and design, generating algorithmically creative and fractal forms of digital output.

I bridge worlds

in order to interface with, translate between, and "mash-up" varied disciplines and forms of visionary expression.