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“Black & White. Magic & Mystery. Mandalas. Mysticism & Occult Symbology. Skulls.”


[ frang-kuhn-dek ] - A customized playing-card deck of 54 cards where each card comes from a different deck.

I am creating a series of deluxe thematic frankendecks - taking an often overlooked bargain-bin format and rethinking what is possible with the concept.

I want to turn a designer’s eye both to the curation and design of the decks, in a way that will honor and encompass all of the creativity, magic and passion that this art form elicits.

Treating each artisan compilation as a representational microcosm of the art and evolution of playing card design, each FND release should be viewed as being similar to a curated gallery show.

I hope to reverently bring something of value in my curation, tuck remixing, design, bonus cards creation, etc.


The first series is FND:MONO.

Black & White. Magic & Mystery. Mandalas. Mysticism & Occult Symbology. Skulls.

The details

Each series will be expressly limited to 53 Frankendecks, and each Frankendeck package will contain:

1) Cards

A curated designer frankendeck with 53 different back designs, a color gaffe card, and joker and ad cards that feature the customized FND:MONO back design.

2) Tuck Remix

A unique, one-of-a-kind customized FND ‘tuck remix’ cover art card remixed from all of the 54 tuck boxes makes each FND even more unique.

3) Book

A deluxe hardbound book documents all of the 53 customized cards in the FND:MONO series.

4) Tuckbox + Postcard

The customized FND card back design is carried over into a larger postcard, as well as the tuckbox and the tuckbox seal.

5) Gift Box + COA

A protective box holds everything (except the book) along with a signed-and-numbered COA.

View more at frankndeck.com or at Instagram.com